Program Management Platform with a Profit CRM suit is an innovative solution supporting organizational processes within structures of all business units as well as a backup to manage relations with customers and vendors. This software has been equipped with a number of unique solutions enabling effective information collection and management. Profit CRM is not only a tool created based on the knowledge of analysts and programmers. It is an application created upon many years of ours and our customers experience in work organization and relations with customers and vendors management.

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Work-time organization is one of the crucial issues in proper functioning of any company. ProfitCRM suit has been equipped with set of modules including a lot of new solutions enabling proper organization of your own work-time as well as your team of co-workers.

Vendors and Customers Base Module

Records of all co-operating companies and institutes makes the focal point of Profit CRM. The most important information on customers, distributors, institutes, etc. are stored in here. This data includes: name, address, category, satisfaction index, contact details, personnel data, company or holding organizational structure, payment methods, discount, phone call notes, attachments, and much more. Vendors and Customers Base Module includes uniqueness control mechanism preventing duplication of records. Additional tools enable easy customer and vendor data base transfer from external sources, e.g. trade system, xls, csv base, etc.

Personal Contacts Module

With crucial element of Profit CRM suit it is possible to extract personal data to a separate module. Therefore, the most common module for contact details data storage available in other systems has been extended and improved having the Vendors and Customers Base Module is able to evidence personnel as well as data on individuals. Unlike other solutions available on Polish market, Profit CRM suit enables full data storage on particular individuals, as well as having them attached to one or more elements. Personal contact file includes such information as: Tax Identification Number, PESEL No., contact addresses, contact details, DOB, employment history, as well as full contacts history, i.e. information on meetings, events, attachments, deadlines and dates, etc. Improved functionality of Personal Contacts Module enables individual customers service. The module works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Outlook 2007

Organizer Module

This is a set of improved tools supporting working time management. Combined with attachments mechanism, central notification system and access monitoring, it is a flexible and effective solution to manage and view workflow in your business unit. Tasks management has been improved with a number of functions not seen so far in this kind of solution. This module has also been equipped with tools supporting dates and deadlines management with a function enabling invitations to other participants, arranging business trips and absences management. Simple and user-friendly calendar enables the User to view of past, present and future workflow of the whole company and personnel. The module works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Outlook 2007

Correspondence and documents
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Traditional and electronic correspondence management. Documents control and digitalization. Integration with MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Google GMail.

Correspondence Module

Nowadays efficient management of correspondence flow within a developing company is one of the crucial factors having influence on its success. Conventional correspondence, or nowadays the more and more popular electronic one is a huge source of information having influence on decision-making. An important factor in the quality of correspondence flow is its proper direction so it can reach all subjects and person it regards. Correspondence management system available in this module has been equipped with tolls for correspondence flow management:

✔ Conventional (sent and received letters, mail merge) with records of incoming and outgoing post as well as well as forwarding it to appropriate personnel or departments with additional parameters such as a reminder and notification to answer within required time.

✔ Electronic (messages, mailing, emails) with efficient email flow management expanding communication within your business unit. Cooperation with association system keeps the whole incoming and outgoing emails related to one customer together. Due to two-way integration with MS Outlook ®/Mozilla Thunderbird®/IMAP4 it collects correspondence with the customer from all computer stations in User’s business unit even if the receiving computer has been switched off. System confirms sender email address with addresses from the system and automatically makes copies of incoming messages along with the attachments and adds them to the customer contacts history. Advanced mailing tools enable mail merge preparation e.g. Newsletter. A number of additional functions such as: individual message sending, word processor (visual, html), attachments, restrictions in number of messages to send, possibility to load mailing list from an external source (xls, csv), etc. are crucial for effectiveness of this tool. Additional tools for internal message sending complete the Correspondence Module. The module works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Mozilla Thunderbird 2/3.

Microsoft Outlook 2013Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Outlook 2007Mozilla Thunderbird

Controlled Documents Module

This module has been developed to control and manage documents and agreements physically located in the User business unit. It allows to identify the documents according to storage location as well as deadlines and validity periods. What is more, it allows to store them in an electronic version in free-format. It arranges and controls validity of agreements, policies, insurance, etc. and it informs selected personnel about their expiration date at a given time.

File Storage Module

The number of documents stored on discs has increased over time. A greater number of files result in difficulties with efficient management. The most common solution for sharing, i.e. network drives lack properties enabling clear access monitoring, version control, as well as files, attachments and folders association with other important information available for a particular company. This module has been designed to fill in the gap between document management and their control. Having the central events register, each file access or any modification is automatically registered creating its history. Attachment System enables association of different files, attachments, and folders with objects within the system, i.e. Vendors and Customers Base, Notes, Tasks, Deadlines, Personnel, etc. Additionally all stored documents are protected by their version history. It allows to track document’s history and in case of any incorrect modification gives easy access to the previous version.


Shipping Module enables courier service management from Profit CRM level. It gives fast and easy access to information necessary to arrange and order courier services through customer’s data base or personal details. The latest version provides integration with DHL servers and it enables the following activities:

  • to send package
  • to arrange pickup
  • to generate Shipping label/Bill of lading in PDF format
  • to print label on ZEBRA printers
  • to check package status
  • to withdraw copies of Shipping documents/Bill of lading signed by the recipient

Complex Project requires coordination of dozens and sometimes hundreds of people. Delegated tasks must be monitored, deadlines controlled, dependence verified, data collected to fulfill project on time. Complexity of processes in case of most projects where at least few people must take part require support of new technologies such as software to manage projects. In order to meet those needs a new module “Projects” has been included in the Profit CRM suit by ACSOFTWARE.


It helps the User plan and fulfill long term actions having a responsible person involved at each stage. Logical interface ensures an easy way to plan complicated and complex projects with a simultaneous Gant chart modeling. Such graphic views on the chart allows the User to plan the project also from this level. A responsible person can be assigned to each project task and each stage can be subordinated on one or more foregoing tasks. Startup and finish date can be planned, charges and income can be recorded, man-hour can be loaded, all the above at any time can provide the User with information on used and remaining budget or time left to complete the project. Projects, stages and tasks have there history as well as building up history of actions through attached elements e.g. documents, notes, correspondence, files or resources.

Trade and Services
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Profit CRM to doskonałe narzędzie wspierające dział handlowy. Pozwala na błyskawiczne przygotowanie profesjonalnych – wielowariantowych ofert oraz realizację przyjętych zamówień. Posiada wbudowane narzędzia analityczne oraz integruje się z większością popularnych systemów handlowych/ERP.

Trade Module

Trade Module has been designed to extend customers and vendors data with business information loaded from databases of the most commonly known on Polish market programs. Currently the software cooperates with Insert SubiektGT, WaPro Wf-Mag, Enova, CDN Opt!ma, Humansoft HermesSQL, AgemaHR, Sage Symfonia Forte and Premium (Pervasive , Btrieve), PCBiznes, Faktury Express, Elisoft Faktury, RAKS SQL, ODL PolkaSQL, Fin7. Trade Module has been designed in such a way that access to external business system is operated by a separate driver. Due to such a solution list of business systems working with this module will be gradually extended in the future. Basic versions of the drivers give access to the lists of issued Invoices and Correction Notes, amounts due, purchased goods, general summary and business history with the customers and vendors. Additionally it gives the User a full preview of customers on time payments as well as an opportunity to generate reports on outstanding payments. Detailed preview and document printout are also a standard function. Developed word processor allows to fit document outline to the Users own needs. Trade Module means also an easy preparation and management of offers for the customer. Interface has been designed in such a way that the User can optionally extend functionality to advanced features, i.e. internal approval or possibility to ask for a consultation when preparing the offer. One of the innovative solutions is the possibility to prepare the offer in many different variants and currencies (exchange rates) on one template with many offer profiles creation, with additional columns and conversion scripts (C++, Pascal, Basic, Java) defined individually. This function allows to prepare, e.g. one offer in two versions with different currency applying different offer profiles. Moreover, import of goods from external business system inventory gives the User access to e.g. prices and inventory registers. Based on an approved offer a new order can be created with just one click. With an editable list of fulfillment stages along with a possibility to assign responsible personnel, fulfillment process will go efficiently and easily. The module works with:

Business Intelligence Module

Business Intelligence Module is a complex reporting tool based on Pivot Table analysis showing reports on different data in an easy way making use of ready-made reports. This interface also enables the User to prepare additional reports and statements by themselves.

Resources Module

It helps to manage (bookings, entry, release dates) company resources (traceable e.g. company car or untraceable e.g. cables). The module also enables the User to manage resources leased by the customers, e.g. samples, temporary units, etc. Access to the lease history allows to control location and lease time.

Trainings Module

This module is a good solution for training companies. It has a lot of functions making external, internal and EU co-financed trainings arrangement and management easier. With an easy and intuitive interface, the User can organize and plan the whole training, beginning with the recruitment, through expenses observation, ending with a certificate. WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) tool is available for internal and co-financed trainings. This is a technique to manage projects in such a way that goals and work are clearly defined.

Professional service software for Technical Department fit for the 21st century

Service Module

Profit CRM functionality has been extended with a Service Module having in mind those business units working on service of different kinds of devices. Full service history of the device upon its Serial Number, records on service expenses and warranty periods, possibility to associate service with any objects within the system e.g. phone call notes, meetings with customers, etc. gives a full view on service department work. Moreover, printout of the acknowledgement, RMA, and integration with bar codes readers ensures full automation of service request. Additional function has been applied enabling register of external and internal requests with an automatic Customer or User notification upon status changes or entered annotations via email messages templates.

CallCenter, Correspondence, Business Intelligence, Extranet – as part of the ProfitCRM suit being a great solution to modern Marketing Department. They enable to perform and analyze campaign based on the latest available communication resources.

CallCenter Module

An efficient and effective call center office is a business card of any company having a direct influence on quality of customer service. CallCenter Module provides you with tools enabling fast identification and cooperation history tracking and as a result better and more effective customer service. System works together with switchboards, ISDN digital and system phones. Its integration enables review of active conversations within the whole business unit in a unique manner. It expands speaker identification from digital (only their phone numbers) to business-personal (First and Second Name/Company Name). Through phone calls registration a history on cooperation with the customer can be built. The module works with:


Surveys Module

This is a perfect solution for those business units having feedback from the customer as a source of knowledge, or those working on subcontracted surveys. This module enables the User to formulate a survey in an easy and friendly manner, enter received results as well as to analyze them at the final stage. It is also possible to present survey results in graphs which makes them even more readable.

Notes Module

Notes - it is a very useful tool working as an electronic “Post-it notes”. It enables data collection through notes which can be associated with any data in the system, e.g. customer data, personal contacts, tasks, dates, etc. Notification function makes communication within your business unit easier and more pleasant.

Knowledge Module

Knowledge Module is a next module extending functionality of Profit CRM. It helps to easily build and manage generally available knowledge, internal procedures, acts, regulations, and know-how. Extended word processor allows to highlight crucial stages.


Software provides the User with access to any information available from Profit CRM database or business system outside of the company via safe www. interface. Those can include offers, Purchase Orders or issued Invoices. System makes it also possible to send data to Profit CRM, e.g. as purchase orders or service requests. This solution helps to build a so called Customer Panel.

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Requirements - Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000(SP4)/ 2003 (SP2)/ XP(SP3)/ XP 64-bit(SP3)/ Vista(SP1)/ Vista 64-bit(SP1)/ 7/ 7 64-bit/ 2008/ 2008 64-bit / 8 / 8 64-bit / 8.1 / 8.1 64-bit
- processor min. 700 MHz
- min. 256 MB of RAM
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
- min. 50 MB of free hard disk space for installation workstation.
- min. 700 MB for complete installation along with MS SQL 2008 R2 EE server
- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 database server (along with the installer package free version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition is provided)
- graphics card supporting 1280x1024 resolution or higher
Others The software has been scanned for the presence of viruses by ESET NOD32 Antivirus ™

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Version: 2.9
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