A professional tool of every trader.

ERPConnector is an invaluable tool every modern trader must have. The application allows to view counterparties' contact details, lists of pending payments or invoices. Moreover, the program enables to place orders, print invoices or send selected documents via emails.

Easy integration with trade systems.

Application enables easy and swift integration with held trade system / ERP. Supported systems:

Plugin for Wordpress

ERP CONNECTOR is also a plugin for Wordpress which gives your organization a chance to exchange data between the EPR and Internet services. This way, you can provide the Wordpress Users with access to the Invoices List, allow them to download PDF files or place orders directly through the ERP. The plug can also be used to support Customers of an Online Shop (e.g. Woocommerce for Wordpress).


ERP Connector application interface screenshots are presented below.

ERPCServer Requirements

Application requires installation of free server software which, along with the installation guide, is available below.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7
Processor min 1024MHz
Memory min 512 MB
Hard disk min 150 MB wolnego miejsca na dysku twardym
Graphics Card karta graficzna pracująca w rozdzielczości 800x600 lub wyższej

Pobierz ERPC Server

Language: polski
Size: ok. 17 MB
Version: 1.00